P.O. Box 380147, Port Charlotte, FL 33948

NEXT PLANNING MEETING- monday, November 18th

7 PM, Wintergarden Presbyterian Church, Port Charlotte

Please join us as well plan for the celebration of our county's 100th birthday. While the county has decided to organize their own separate events, as well as call for their own community partners, we are moving forward to enroll other like-minded to work together to create more authentic events and programs that celebrate the electorate v the elected. While we more than understand their need to want to control and filter just how the 100th birthday of the county separating from DeSoto County in 1920, formalized in 1921, we believe that its about us and not about them. When it passed in Tallahassee, the Governor appointed (had to) our first Charlotte County Commissioners. That came to an end during the next election. While we have so many who would love to return to 1921, we do elect them and they do work for us.

The county "officials" have chosen to meet quarterly to plan for 2021. That means only 6 brief meetings to plan a year of events. This is insufficient as a planning strategy. Especially when the government will need added time to enlist and enroll those in the community to work cooperatively with the commissioners and their proxies. If you are lock step with the government and wait for them and seek their approval, that is fine. We have a very diverse and vital community. Think of us as people who want to party, while celebrating a very special time and occasion. Maybe, we can learn from the lessons of the past. The more the merrier. 

Our committee is committed to quality and inclusion. You only turn 100 once. We are sure that together, we can recreate and celebrate the spirit of the people and times that made us. DOWNLOAD our partner flyers below.